Kami-chan.x3 (eCard Portfolio) .when the dead rises.

.when the dead rises.

Will you still be here when the sun dead rises?
(I know I wouldn't. I'd probably already be a vampire or zombie. :D)

For CleaversForKids's "Smile, it’s the {apocalypse}" Challenge

Shiki. Was. Epic. It really was. I watched it a few weeks ago and I was BLOWN AWAY. Honestly, I doubt there's any ways to describe this anime. It's about vampires hunting humans. Then in the end, it's the humans hunting the vampires, or otherwise known as "shiki" (hence the title of the anime). At the beginning, there was this one point that I was so scared I didn't react at all. I promise you Shiki is awesome, albeit a bit scary, but still awesome.

The requirements for this particular challenge was to make a card using an apocalyptic image. When I first saw Natsuno lying down like that, I always thought it was kinda apocalypsey (if that makes any sense at all... maybe not). The theme was kinda like it’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine-ish. So I was supposed to have warlike elements. So I ended up adding the gun aiming thingy in the middle of Natsuno's face to make it look like he's about to be shot. And it took FOREVER to make. Haha. Reference? KHR OF COURSE.

Made on Photoshop.
(When I first started this card it was really crappy looking. But now it looks like it turned out to be one of my best cards yet! YAY!)

Original Image:

Dedicated to kisskiss-bangbang - I know you'd still be here during the apocalypse (eating McDonald's). :D


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Smile, it’s the {apocalypse}

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