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Story: Mikado Ryugamine is a small town boy looking for excitement in his dull life. When his childhood friend, Masaomi Kida, invites him to move to Ikebukuro and attend school there, he gladly accepts. On his first day in Ikebukuro, Mikado witnesses one of the great legends of the area: the "Black Rider", a supposedly headless motorcycle rider. Masaomi warns him about the dangers of the city: a violent, superhumanly strong man that dresses like a bartender, a dangerous information broker, and a mysterious gang called "The Dollars." After all, anything and everything can and does happen in Ikebukuro.
Review: The story follows the viewpoint of diferent characters, so it may get a bit confusing for some people. It's not for people that are easily freaked out. After all, there is a character with no head. However, I really enjoyed the series. There are many comedy scenes and the characters themselves are pretty funny. I didn't start watching the series until the English dub version aired on Adult Swim June this year. I'd heard about it before from this site, but never bothered to watch it. Now, I feel like shoving it in younger me's face and asking why I didn't watch it sooner. I've managed to make my dad, who isn't a die hard anime fan, watch the series and love it. I swear he worships Shizuo Heiwajima, but Izaya's the b*tch he loves to hate. Now, he watches the episodes when they air on Adult Swim every Saturday. You know it's a good anime when you make someone who's never seen an anime fall in love with it. The artwork is great, and the voices really suit the characters in both English and the original Japanese. The plot is very interesting and gets you hooked. I marathoned 6 episodes just because I wanted to know what happened next. There are a couple of serious scences and some lengthy talking scenes. Although, those scenes tend to give you more insight into what's going on and how the characters really feel and think. It's a must see for fans of great action, twisted romance, hilarious comedy episode 3 will make you love this anime to pieces and supernatural themes. If you've ever watched Baccano!, this is definitely worth your time;it's even by the same creator and studio. I catch myself watching moments from the series over and over again. Thank you, DVR recording system. The part I love most about this anime is that all the characters relate to each other one way or another. It never ceases to amaze me.
Fonts: dafont.com Mythbusters, Sweetly Broken
Brushes: Obsidian Dawn Grunge n Swirl brushes
Image: Google Images

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