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Hokushin: Что это?
Yusuke: Об это? Вы увидите.
<<Королевское Сокровище>>

For those who don't read Cyrillic, the text says "Shtow Eta?" "Ob eta? Vui oovidit." <<korolevckoye sokravishe>> which is to say "What's that?" "Oh this? You'll see" <<Royal Treasure>>

"Shtow eta?" is one of my most used phrases in Russian. I've used the phrase so much that when I just say "Shtow?" (What?) my youngest sister will say "Shtow Eta!" out of habbit of hearing those two words together. I chose Russian because I minored in it in college ^-^

Another popular phrase for me is saying "WHAT?!" in as many languages in possible, so I fit in Russian, Japanese (Romaji), and French.

For those not familiar with YuYu Hakusho or this scene, Yusuke is visiting one of the other Kings of Demon World with the sack he's carrying. It ends up containing the entire treasury from his dad's kingdom and whats more, he 'desecrated' the treasure by etching names into all of them, which is why Houkushin is freaking out (XD)

The text usage was two different ideas for cards...but as this challenge is about to expire and there are 2 other Russian cards I'd like to make (I believe the uploading limit is 3 per 24 hours still?) I tried combining these two so I could get the other's submitted to show off my love for Russian ^^ Hope crowding everything into a mini-comic isn't too bad ^^;;;

All done in photoshop, I took the screencaps myself ^^ This one's comic-style...but I'll try to make my other entries more pretty-ful ^^

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