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Say wha...

Hey! ^^

I know im not very active at the mo, im on work expirience thats why. Working at the library! :D Its really fun, but yuor feet kill at the end of the day...

Quick side note for deathseraph: Sorry i havent been commenting as much as i have before, again i have work till the evening, and all the comments are taking forever to load up now so i can only use on computer. Im not stopping! Just a bit of trouble... <:(

Back to the card, wanted something more violent, but hey. Quite a few good angry panda images on youtube, but not angry enough. Im not angry at the mo, but im a bit riled up. Ive been listening to too much Nih=ght of Fire and now im in a bit of a destructive mood.

Don't worry, i love pandas, I think they're adorable, and im not being violent at pandas or saying theyre violent. IM the one feeling a bit firey in the inside. Me likey pandas aru~

EDIT: Calmed down now... ^^; I'll probably make a more nicer one, for now consider this a "WTF?" card XD

Hope you like, and watch out for your house buring during the night of fire! ^^

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