Hanaro Souhi (eCard Portfolio) [waiting.] - Where are you? -

[waiting.] - Where are you? -

Yup!I'm here again for more another wonderful and awesome challenge!~
This time is: "Smile, it’s the {apocalypse}" by Suki-chan[CleaversForKids]
A hug for you,Suki-chan!*hugs* Because your challenge is very criative!Like all your works!~~

Well,for me,was a little hard to find a nice image to express my feelings,but I hope it's good!~
I liked so much the wigs too!~ * w *
I cut the image in a different way,leaving only part of her face.I think this way is better...
And I wanted to enjoy the beautiful night sky to show the stars!XD The stars are really pretty!~
The typography is simple again,only two fonts,but the glow color is different in each sentence!^_^
I loved it!
Oh!I put some bokeh/bubble sparkle brushes!^_^
I hope everyone like my new card!XD


If one day, come the apocalypse,I don't know what to do.
Probably I could be in panic as everyone else,but you can't do much in such a situation,right?
I would think: "I'm happy to have existed,and if I helped someone,even a little,then all worth it."


-Artist:Yoshizuki Kumichi [Image from:Minitokyo]

-Texture: {DeviantArt}

-Brush: {DeviantArt}

If you're thinking:"This card is so dark!This isn't your way,Hanaro!"
Yes,I agree with you...Soooo my next card will be colorful!~ XD YAY!~ You don't need be sad!LOL!~

Thanks so much for all the comments!Your nice words on my last work was really wonderful!^ w ^
I appreciate all the Faves and Hugs too!Thank you!~

Take care!^_^

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Smile, it’s the {apocalypse}

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