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Merry Christmas everyone!!! :3

So this is my entry for the Christmas song contest. I thought long and hard what song I wanted, and it finally came to me when I was in the car listening to the radio. I decided to go with a newer Christmas song that is not traditional.

The song is called "Believe" by Josh Groban. It's an amazing Christmas song and very well written and song, but come on, it's Josh! OF COURSE IT IS!!! |3 His voice is amazing!!! Here is the video, it doesn't have a music video but it helps with the song. :)

Video: [X]

I wanted to think outside of the box and I had fun trying new things creating this card. I believe this song has a wonderful message behind it too! Christmas is the time to believe in so many things. It's a magical season!!! :)

I wanted to make the card simple but effective. Too much designs takes away from the meaning and makes a card look crowded. So I touched up the lighting, added a soft glow, brought the colors out more, gave a more snowy look, and added one texture.

Anyway that is why I chose this song because Josh is a wonderful singer and I knew no one would really think of a song like this. I hope I do well and I want to thank the two for creating this contest! It was fun!!! Merry Christmas!!

Comments, Hugs, and Favorites always welcomed!


Texture: xNotUnderstood

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