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Bonjour la France

the french "je pars, Mais l'etat demeurera toujours" translates to "I depart, but the State shall always remain" which was said by Louis XIV on his death bed. grazie for my sister for translations, sadly I only barely know a few basic french the title for example -_-;
yays, I finished my card! I couldn't find a right Arc de Triomphe pic to correctly represent france, but hopefully the eiffel tower does..
Also, the girl in the card is Female france from Hetalia: Axis powers. She's supposed to be a personified person of france; I couldn't help myself but add her into the card once I saw her (*w*)
used a lot of effects, so it took me more then...7hours to finish this..-_-
I came down with a small cold, so I had time to work on this anyways..

France is in the center of Europe, where it's home to many cuisines and explicit fine dining that highly influenced the globe. France is also known for being the original founders of wine. But, what makes this lovely country stand out you say? Historically, france had many kings (the last being beheaded in the french revolution), as well as other histories such as the guillotine, the french revolution, Joan of Arc, Napoleon, etc.
France has also been for centuries a cradle of european civilization, always at the top of inventions and progress; it was even at undisputably top nation in the world until year 1815. We wouldn't have denim and limoges porcelain if it wasn't for france!
Currently, france is a home to many fashion industries as well as fashion designers. The country is also home to many amazing sightings, such as the eiffel tower, Palace of Versailles, the louvre art museum (which contains the mona lisa), and many more. Arc de Triomphe is one of the most important emblem to france for patriotism. Paris has a high reputation of being called, "the city of love"
well, that's all that I know about france.
The reason I picked france isn't only because the city of love, I really picked france because of it's history (like joan of arc), architect and it's wonderful culture!

oh and a little side note, france does tend to fight with england for centuries..both countries aren't so friendly with each other for some reason

Female France here: click on the "0000" link on the bottom left corner and it should take you there <.<;
Eiffel Tower link here

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