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Surprise! Haven't done one of these in ages!! This looked like fun to do, not to mention really yummy :P

I like keeping things simple, thus the design is. I'm not really good at using my new digital editing stuff yet, and it has been a really long time since I've made an e-card.

I love Spain, both the country and character… and I love churros, the greatest Spanish invention since the Inquisition and Conquest. (kidding. No really.) Antonio is urging you to come to his country. They have churros. They're better than the Dark Side's cookies. I promise.

In all seriousness though, churros are pretty fantastic. Churros are fried dough fritters that originated from Spain and Portugal, but are popular in many South American and other Spanish speaking countries. They seem to be getting quite popular in the states too. They can be fried or baked. They taste better fried, but doesn't everything? OK, maybe not everything. Like pasta. That should never be fried, it would be an abomination. (And who the hell thought ice cream should be fried?? But I digress). Churros can be covered in either sugar or cinnamon, or both, and can also be dipped traditionally in heated chocolate.

There are 2 kinds of churros, the thin kind and thick, and they can take many shapes. The thicker kinds are called porras (be careful using that word in some Latin American countries, it can mean something else quite different….) I had the thinner kind when I had went to Spain a few years ago at a nice cafe in Madrid. (I miss that cafe…) You can eat them for breakfast, lunch, or as a dessert, or really whenever you want to.

Here are some recipes I found. I will warn you that they are not easy to make. Churro making is a delicate art. (I still can't make them right) so try it at your own will!



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