Angel Zakuro (eCard Portfolio) unwrap me.

unwrap me.

Happy birthday, Oli-chan!! *hugs* I hope you've had a great one! :) My dear cavewoman love. XD I knows you loves your yaoi, so here you go. A wonderfully suggestive yaoi birthday card. XDD

I used this scan. I've had it for a while actually...but I didn't use it. Yes, they are indeed both guys, so yes, that's a guy nip. Not a lady's booby. XD I did end up covering it though with the typography though. >>' But yeah. Ummmm, hahaaaa, it's another desaturated card! Lol. I promise next time it'll be full color. I swear. I don't know what's wrong with me. Anyway, I cropped the scan, painted over the text that was in the scan...made it black and white, added some brushwork (the extra ribbons/stripes/curves)...and then texture time! With what? WHY, OLI-CHAN, IT'S YOUR VERY OWN LIGHT WAVES. Yup. I used Oli-chan's wonderful light wave textures, well, one of them at least, in it. :)

I hope you like it~ <3 Thanks for being a great friend all these years!

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