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love follows.

LOOK. COLOR. See? I haven't forgotten how to use it lol. XD This is the first bright card I've made of 2012. Amazing how long it took me to do so. Don't know why I've been enjoying monochrome and darker colors better...but yeah...yay, SIH! I've been watching this series lately. Well, I am on season 2, and it is very good. This is the first new anime I've watched since Oofuri season 2 (over a year ago) lol. <3 And I am glad I'm watching it. It's very good, very sweet. You know I loves me my BL. This card is of the main couple, I guess you could call favorite couple though is Hatori x Chiaki, but there aren't many scans of them. :/

I used this scan. The quality wasn't all that great, and it was very bright. >> So I had to fix it up some. Sharpened, fixed the contrast, added some gradients, and yes I did darken it some with the tan/peach overlay. I think it looks much better now~ The text...well, the words are actually one of the episode's titles. Season 2, episode 5 (that was the last eppy I watched). All of the episodes' names are like...proverbs...something like that. Yup yup...oh, and I added that heart brush as well.


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