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I Want to Paint It All RED

I just finished this, hurrah.

It's a Benjamin scan!

I started off with no idea really, lol. I just wanted to join the challenge because it looked cool, and the challenge slam was on. So I looked around MT scans, and I liked this, and this crop, best in the end.

So yeah, I cropped it and adjusted the colours and clarity on Gimp, then left it there to stand for several weeks. Exams went past, then I felt inspired to do work on it again.

Originally, it was really obnoxiously red, black, white, purple. eurk. So I monochromised stuff and got rid of a lot of red and purple - just to put back the red all over again. :'> The crop and contrast settings made it look kind of Mime-like, like a clown or pierrot; I liked that idea so voila facepaint! Then I added the text and a few more effects, and played around for idk how long (at one point Gimp froze and everything crashed so I had to remake this hardy har har).

The mini text wall thing is done using the dodge layer mode. There are two versions, one with horizontal text, the other vertical. I like it a bit much, wished I had made this into a wall first now. Just so that I can hynoptise you all into Red-philism through your desktop muahaha.

And this is the end product. I'm dedicating it to Sol because
(1) She's awesome.
(2) Her cards are awesome.
(3) She's awesome.
(4) I can't really think of anyone else here who would LIKE to have this slightly not sane card dedicated to them. :3c

I hope you all like!

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Benjamin, Red
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