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Give Up!

Alright! This is my entry to the Obsessions challenge.
One of my major obsessions is Naruto Uzumaki.
I am sure many of you are wondering why. Since explaining why is part of the challenge, you will find out.
Originally I hated Naruto. I thought the show was annoying and so were the characters. Yet, I had a few friends who really enjoyed so I kept on watching it and tried to see whatever it was that attracted them to it.
Over the past several years, I've grown to really admire Naruto :D
He tries his best to follow his dreams, and this really inspired me in rough times to follow suit. Because of that, I am very thankful to Naruto ;)
That determination to do his best, to help his friends and village are all very admirable qualities.
And in a way, his naive way of looking at the world is adorable, in the latest story arcs when he is finding a way to stop the hate that is going on in his world... I find this as remarkable. When you stop and think about what this Naruto character is doing, why can't we do the same? I mean, sure, not everyone has awesome ninja powers! But one person can make a difference. And so... I guess basically... he is an inspirational character for me :D
Plus he looks cool in his new transformation :D
Anyways that's all for now!
Thanks to markkevin for posting such awesome pictures!
Edits on pixlr and picnik.

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