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I had remembered that someone was having a challenge on here about Valentines for the special people in your life, but I didn't see it in the eCards section. Either it wasn't for eCards or it's already expired. Oh well.

Anyways, with Valentine's Day coming up, I wanted to make something special for my brother. He is and always will be my best friend. So here's a shoutout to you, CitrusStorm; never stop being cool and quirky! :D

I've never played Majora's Mask before, but I've read the manga by Akira Himekawa. Kind of interesting that you have fairies with siblings in the Zelda universe. But yeah, as I've been really into the Legend of Zelda series lately, I wanted to make something in that theme.

The picture was entirely created and edited on my computer; it started in Manga Studio Debut 3.0, was copied/pasted into MS Paint 2007, touched up in Photoshop Elements 3, and went back to Paint to be finished. Also, it was resized in Microsoft Office Picture Manager, but I use that to resize many of my pictures. References were official/game art from zeldawiki.org.

I may upload the original image one of these days, just in case anyone else wants to use the art for something.

With all that said, Happy Valentine's Day, CitrusStorm! And everyone else, I hope you like it :)

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