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go with it.

WELL. This took a while to do. >> Felcie, this is your What's That prize for the other day! Lol. You wanted a SIH card, and I definitely obliged. ;) Loved that anime! The only bad thing is that there's so few scans from it. ;__; At least on MT and I went to zerochan. BUT. No worries. It's totally legit. XD I see nowhere that it says it's fanart; it says it's an official manga scan, and I'm pretty sure it is. :) Looks like the artist's style and like one of the scenes in the manga. >3> Takano is always stealing kisses from Ritsu. XD

So yeah, anyway, I decided to try something different...a manga scan coloring. D: Here is the original. I don't know what possessed me to try my hand at this again. I've only tried it once before lol. XD; So I hope it looks ok. Not much to say...just created different layers for the colors all set on 'multiply'...used my mouse and the brush tool. Yup...then the text, nothing special. I hope it looks ok! ^^;

Enjoy~ <3

P.S. Here is the plain version. One without any texture or gradients on top.

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