Hanaro Souhi (eCard Portfolio) Never Forget your {Smile.}

Never Forget your {Smile.}

Hello everyoneee!XD LOL!~ *very happy because watched two seasons of Kimi ni Todoke*
Kimi ni Todoke is soooo beautiful!~ Super sweet...Ops!Actually I want to say...

Happy [belated] Birthday,Fykki-kun!*smile*
Yup,that's my gift for you!XD I'm sorry for the lateness!Some things happened as you know,but I hope you had a nice day,yay!~


First of all,I want to thank a very special person: A-chan[animegirl171]
She gave me permission to submit this card,even though she already using this scan before for make a gift to Fykki-kun...[check her card please!It's so beautiful!] I had not seen it before..I felt so stupid...=_=
I was afraid she hate me and I explained the situation for her,but she understood me and she said she didn't mind after all.
See her sweet words mades me happy...!~ ; w ; A-chan,you're kind!~

[I'm sorry to say this,but after all that happened,I'm happy to have found this scan,because if I had not found it maybe I would not make a new amazing friend!XD A-chan,thanks so much!*hugs*]


Thanks also for Fykki-kun!XD To reassure me and let me calm when it happened. And for understand me.
Fykki-kun,you're very dear here!^_^ Whenever I see a post of my friends,I realize that you've written something to support them!XD You always wrote something wonderful and super magic which is able to brighten the day of many people!XD
I know,you must be tired of hearing it,but you're awesome!LOL!~
Thanks for always support everyone with your kindness!


I love the image!~ X3
Horo smile is so adorable,warm and pretty...!~
I hope you like this card!XD Oh!And don't forget to smile always!

For the card,I extracted the image,made the background with stripes[I'm liking of make these backgrounds!XD LOL!],added some colorful layers,one texture,gradient on text,changed the colors,the levels...
That's it!XD Haha!

Thanks for all the comments,please don't hate me and thanks also for Faves and Hugs["votes" looks strange to me!LOL!~]!


*Artist:Juu Ayakura [Image from: Minitokyo]

*Texture: {DeviantArt}

[I think I wrote a lot this time,sorry.]

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