Hikari the Wolf (eCard Portfolio) Uncaring Soul

Uncaring Soul

An Unknown’s voice calls
To an uncaring soul
On deaf ears

Hm....not bad I'd say. Anyway, this card basically is about how I don't care what I'm called by others as long as I know who, how, and what I am as a person. So you can call me anything, be it an insult or a term you don't really know what it is you're talking about. I have the mindset to where I really don't care what I'm called, be it insults or misunderstood labels. If that's what they think then ok then. I think as long as I know what I am and what I'm not, it really doesn't matter.

Some may think: "Oh you're not standing up for yourself." or something like that. No. I simply don't find it worthy of an argument. Nor do I really care...I'd be lying if I said I cared. But I simply don't care as long as I know who I myself truly am and my loved ones know as well how I truly am.
Others can find out real truths themselves. I really don't care what people call me; insult or not. I think the opinions of my most loved ones over-rule the opinions of a stranger and person I don't know real well.

I can turn an insult directed at me into a compliment completely. Words of unknown people don't effect me. However words from family or ones I hold closer to me do effect me more cause well...I care more about what they think. That's why I'll say those of my own flesh and blood might as well be my own personal "executioners"...cause they are the ones that effect me and can hurt me in a way emotionally if they do so.

However, if someone not close to me does insult me...you're only gonna get a thank you and something along the lines "I know I am." It actually is quite amusing to do...*smirks* But whatever insult they say, I know I'm not truly that, but considering people would think that at the time...Why not humor them and admit it even though I'm not being serious, eh?

Yeah. Insult or title...you can call me what you will. I'll just be who I am. And let you think what you will.

Hate it...hug it...love it...whatever. I submit for my own enjoyment.

Image was from a gothic pic website.


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