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Hey guys, I'm entering a challenge! 8D I noticed I haven't really entered many challenges, even though the challenge feature's been here for what... 2 years? 3 years? 2 and a half years?

Anyways, this card is for the chibi e-card challenge. I know this picture isn't really a standard example of a chibi, but I still think this is pretty chibi. Detailed chibis, I guess. xD;

Syaoran is one of my favorite characters. :9 In both CCS and Tsubasa. But apparently this is from something called Shiritsu Horitsuba Gakuen...? Mangafox says it's an adaption of Tsubasa and xXxHolic. I haven't read it. :o
On a random note, I've always liked the romanization of his name as Syaoran rather than Shaoran, even though Shaoran is probably more accurate to my understanding now that I've taken some Japanese classes...

I couldn't think of any good text... ;~; I kept thinking of the name-ending "bozu" which is used as a form of endearment for little (and often rowdy) boys in Japanese. It was on the inside cover of a Tsubasa volume... actually, I think all the Kodansha mangas have a little honorific explanation thing in the beginning of the book. Anyways, the explanation thing just said "bozu" is slang for boy, kind of like "squirt". Which should explain the rest of the text on the card...

I wrote bozu wrong in Japanese. Well first of all I didn't use kanji because I didn't feel like looking up the kanji, but that's not such a big deal. I spelled it wrong, though, and put ぼず instead of ぼうず...
BAH. Most of you would have noticed anyways, but oh well.

These footnotes are getting a little long... but lastly I'd like to say I EXTRACTED (?) THIS PICTURE ALL BY MYSELF!! Yes. Be proud.
I'm proud. :D ...I guess. ... This card turned very blue for some reason.

Scan: [x]
Done on Gimp 2.
Resized on picnik
Syaoran and Smaller (?) Syaoran (c) Clamp

Dedicated to Firezero for making the challenge!

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