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Beware the Crows...

Hi-chan, I am meeting your challenge with Zevran from the Dragon Age series! >D I didn't think I'd get an entry in on time, but I did it. O__O I'm not sure if he would really beat Kamina, but it's worth a try. XD Ah my wonderful, smooth-talking elven assassin. ;)

I used this screenshot from the game. Lol @ random dwarf in the bg. XD Anyhoo, I sharpened the image up, desaturated, and then added the blue gradient on top, as well as a texture. Nothing too special, but I like how it turned out. :) His victory phrase would be what is there on the card. It's a quote he says in the game, although the "I" actually was "we" because he says it when your party is fighting and winning. I loves me my Zevran. <3

His stage would be similar to a location in Dragon Age. I'd like to say it would be the streets and dark alleyways of Antiva (though I'm not sure exactly what they look like since you can't go there in DA), with whores and drunks on the side. XDD Chains, too. Zevran likes chains.

For his theme song, I chose Warriors from Lord of the Dance (Riverdance). I love that song. I love how it builds up. I think it would be an awesome fighting theme for him...the style matches the fantasy world of DA, and when it speeds up, I can imagine Zevran doing his special move! Which would be the Punisher. It is one of the dual-weapon moves in DA that he can use. ;) Good and powerful.

Um, I think I got all of what I needed for this challenge. >3> Enjoy!

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