CleaversForKids (eCard Portfolio) [Tell the girls to LINE IT UP]

[Tell the girls to LINE IT UP]

[I know you like that - You want to try that - Its like a flash back so shake your ass crack - I got the balls ta rock the salsa - Funk the bluesa - Any groove ta - Make you move cause - Taking you ta another landscape - Is my mandate.]

♥ ♥ ♥

My entry for xianlee's challenge "music and lyrics".

The lyrics I chose are from [Rock the House] by Gorillaz. I really thought they fit Gilbert in many ways. He really strikes me as a PARTIER, who would try to bang every chick he ran across. Hell, he's awesome Prussia, he can do whatever he wants. Plus, I think Gil can dance~ that's just my impression of him. *laughs*
I do admit I have a mild mild thing for him- but who doesn't.

I loved this image- check out those playboy bunny skulls on his uniform. Classy.
I also tried some new tiny typography, tell me what you think. Making trashy cards is fun. ♥

Image [X]
Fonts from [X]
Rock the House [X]

Dedicated to Jenny~. You know why. *laughs*

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