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Get Well Soon!

I'd better submit this now before I start arguing with myself about color choices again >_<

Ignore that, please. Anyways, recently, superstarpanou submitted the original piece of artwork for this card (which you can see with the source link). I felt that not only did I want to color it in, but also that it would make a nice "get well soon" card. So, here it is ^_^

At first, the main lettering was in red, but I felt that it was too jarring, so now it's purple (not to mention, the purple looks softer and more soothing with the other cool colors). You'll also notice there's a lot of green; I figured this was a good choice as I've heard green is used a lot in hospitals to promote calm, and also hopefully help the patient heal. It's also the representative color of life :D

The whole "patient information" text on the side came about because after putting in the neat half-tone background, I felt it looked a little bare on the left. Also, for those curious, I didn't fill in any of the information... mostly because not only would you not see it, but I have no clue what Trent's age is anyways.

And on a side note, I feel that Trent, colored in this picture, looks so much like Hibari from Katekyo Hitman Reborn! XD But frankly, I can't imagine that Hibari would allow any girl who wasn't an actual doctor to do this.

But I digress! The image was drawn by superstarpanou, downloaded by me, colored in Manga Studio Debut 3.0, copied and pasted into MS Paint (Windows 7), resized in Microsoft Office Picture Manager, and worked on some more in Photoshop Elements 3 and Paint (again). Sheesh, that's a mouthful.

Well, with all that said, enjoy! ^_^

Source Art
Let's Play, Doctor! ~superstarpanou
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