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For babyD's challenge "AMV's Tribute 3!"

I chose the beautiful 【APH】Hetaoni- Rolling Girl AMV by gasptheenemy, and vocals by SquaDus2007. I love the song "Rolling Girl," and it is painfully fitting to the plot of Hetaoni. I have not watched the RPG itself, but the plot and quotes that I have read seem very sweet, and sad. For those of you who don't know, it is based on Ao oni, but using the Hetalia characters. They find themselves locked in a mansion, with a monster who kills them off one by one- but using a time loop they will escape alive if they make NO MISTAKES. I'm not usually into fan works, but it interested me.

I had to edit the scan greatly to make it look like the AMV. I ask you take time to view the original. I obviously edited Italy to make him suit the style of the video. Scary eyes. *laughs* I also added TV static blemishes to match the original. I am actually happy with how this turned out.

Good luck to everyone else who decides to enter, I love the AMV challenge entries. They are always beautiful and creative.♥

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Hetalia: Axis Powers eCards
anime, blood, feliciano, feliciano vargas, hetalia, hetaoni, italy, north italy, northern italy, rolling girl, vargas, veneziano
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AMV's Tribute 3!

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