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I'm so done with this Father's Day stuff. Every year my birthday lands oh so close to (if not on) this stupid holiday. And every year my dad has to be an ass by taking over the day and ignores me.

Didn't get me a gift. He didn't bother to give me a card. Didn't even sing happy birthday to me. Not once did I hear a single 'happy birthday' or even a simple 'I love you' from him today. It's not that gifts mean anything to me, but a simple recognition of him remembering that it's an important day for me would be nice. Or maybe him remembering what I'm interested in, or perhaps knowing what my major is in school. Maybe knowing how old I am, or maybe even talking about something besides himself or how I could do better things than whatever it is I'm doing now.

He focused on him the whole day. Oh wait, this isn't just a Father's Day thing, he does this all the time.

It seems like no matter what I do for this guy, it's never good enough. I'll never be a 'worthy' child in his eyes. I'll never be pretty, I'll never be a hard working, I'll never be talented. He does nothing for me but make me feel worthless.

Sorry, but I shouldn't be spending my birthday crying myself to sleep after an exhausting day with him. I'm tired of putting up with his self-hate and psychological abuse, it's too toxic for me to be around. I can't be what he wants.

So done with him. Cutting all ties.

Sorry, I needed to write this somewhere and vent. I can't push this on my family anymore.

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