Hikari the Wolf (eCard Portfolio) ~Misunderstood Souls~

~Misunderstood Souls~

-You Call Them Beasts
But in truth they are
Misunderstood Souls-

A card tribute to wolves. I always view wolves as misunderstood souls just striving to survive in the world. After all... they were given claws and fangs for a reason: To protect themselves...and their pack. So ask yourself... Who are the real monsters here... the wolves....or us? The ones who hunt them down for our own greed (and by 'us', I mean the hunters. Killing a wolf, would be like killing my own kin. In heart & soul, I am a fellow canine. So aside from my family and friends, my protective nature also lies with the canine species). A wolf's true desire in my opinion, along with most animals, is to really just be able to live and go as they please without humans interfering in their lives in the wild. They would rather not be disturbed....

Anyway...for once it's my own quote and not lyrics.x3
And I also used like 3 fonts in this one, just like the last. But it wasn't as easy as the last cause for this one...I had a bit of trouble deciding on which fonts would make the card come together and not seem out of place.

As for where the scans came from...I don't remember. I found em' in my files.>.>'

So enjoy. It actually turned out pretty well.

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