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eyes of someone [[else]]

I knew that I wanted to enter this challenge, I just did not have any clue as to what character or songs to use. Then, suddenly I got randomly inspired.

For those of you that don't know, this is the soundtrack (as I see it) for Ryner Lute from The Legend of the Legendary Heroes (aka: Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu). A character that I adore off of a show that I love. This is not the original scan I was going to use, but it is very difficult to find good images from this show. I had been thinking about making a card for the other two main characters off this show, but it was so difficult to come up with songs for this fellow - and such a pain to find a good scan - that I'll only do that if I get really inspired before the cutoff date for this challenge.

Alright, on to the songs:

1: Monster - Skillet: Being born with something called an Alpha Stigma, Ryner has been called a monster many times in his life. In fact, he has referred to himself, quite seriously, as a monster. And, when his Stigma goes 'berserk', he can no longer control himself - resulting in a practically unstoppable 'monster'.

2: Tomorrow - SR-17: (featured) This should be Ryner's theme song. He never wanted the problems life gave him, he never wanted to be so alone. He's trying to keep the darkness that lurks inside him under control but can still feel it there - and he's afraid that when it comes out again it will kill the only people that have ever accepted him. There is also the issue of his parents never wanting him because he was a 'monster' and everyone else in the world that discovers what he is, degrading him and pretty much wanting him dead on mere principle.

3: I'll Be There For You - The Rembrants: While Ryner isn't the sort that has had a lot of experience with friends, when he actually finds people that accept him, he would give anything - even his life - for them. I will admit, he doesn't exactly come off as the most caring of friends, he does know how to get his best friend out of his funk.

4: Burn it Down - Linkin' Park: If you've seen the series, you probably can guess what scene I'm thinking of with this song. If not, well… In the show there was this moment that the person Ryner trusted the most said something. It was just a thoughtless remark, but you could tell by the expression on both their faces that that was the moment that could crumble their friendship.

5: Who Needs Sleep - Barenaked Ladies: (Hee, hee. I couldn't resist). If you've ever read a synopsis about this show, you probably heard them describe Ryner as 'lethargic'. It's not so much that he's lazy or doesn't want to work (okay, that might be part of it) but, rather that he likes to sleep. At least three naps a day would be ideal - only waking long enough to eat. (Though he might sometimes sleep through meals, too.) Seriously, Ryner: 'Be happy with what you're getting.'

6: Turn it Off - Paramore (acoustic): Ryner hasn't had the best luck in life and sometimes you see him struggle with the idea that it would be easier to just 'get lost in all my selfish thoughts'. This song captures a spirit that keeps struggling to continue on without giving up - even when you're headed for the bottom. I selected the acoustic version because of the most relaxed sound, thinking that it would fit some of the more emotional scenes better.

I hope you guys like this. Even though it certainly wasn't easy, (I suppose challenges aren't supposed to be) I did have fun with this. I've never comprised a soundtrack for characters that I didn't create before.

Fonts: Starstruck & Subway Novella & The King and Queen Font

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