Yours Truly (eCard Portfolio) SS: A tasty Hoilday!

SS: A tasty Hoilday!


For you DarkFlame!

Hey there, I'm your secret Santa!

When I saw that you liked sweets and baked goods I hopped right on the chance! It was too perfect for me not to do. I have to admit, even though using a Yumeiro Pâtissière scan was my natural first choice, I spent at least an hour looking for something else I could use. Which ended up me caving and using a YP scan anyway LOL! I make the simplest tasks the hardest!
Anyway, using this picture was inspiring so it was great to work with! I didn't do too much just sharpen, copied and blurred it to get that slight dreamy effect among other things. I had to do the text over because the original day that I did it I was tired so it was kinda lazy. The second night however I was able to do it over again to make it look presentable haha.

Overall, I really liked how it came out and I hope you enjoy it too! I hope you have a great holiday!

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