Himedere (eCard Portfolio) I'm dead.

I'm dead.

So dramaticccc... I'm not going emo again or anything
but I wish I could have a hug right now...

I think the main reason I like Gothboy so much is that he pays attention to me, whereas I guess... my friends turned into social butterflies upon entering high school.

So I guess I like him for selfish reasons...

... my ex-friend is getting up in my face about him, and we have a sort-of-date thing planned and stuff so I guess I'd been thinking a lot about him and that situation a lot lately...

and then this new girl who apparently is friends with everyone but me just walked up to our lunch table and asked my one friend for money. No "Hi" or "How are you?" just "hey, do you have money?"
and somehow I was the only person to find that rude.
I'm not sure if it's because she's jelous Kasey and I are hanging out a lot now, but my very close friend is apparently chilling with another girl a lot now, and then tells me about it a lot. Like "Oh, me and [her name] had a sleepover loll" and "I went with her lazer taggingg~~"
It could be that maybe I'm really jealous and I'm just projecting ulterior motives... either way I feel lonely and sad. I told her that, but I guess she forgot, because she keeps doing it.

I feel like everyone IRL is leaving me behind.


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