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Okay, first of all, I apologize for how shitty this looks, especially with the typography which turned out awful as its not something I've had much practice with. It never looks how I want it to, but maybe if I keep trying it will one day. At the very least, it gets my message across, right? Overall though, this eCard just looks really bad. Its probably due to the fact I haven't been making many graphics recently because of the new Tumblr update, and the fact that its screwed all my hours of hard work up along with everyone else's and . . . ugh, I better stop there or I'll be ranting forever.

Now, onto more important things. This is dedicated to my beloved onee-sama, Victoria, who I adore with all my heart. From the moment we started talking, her and I had an instant connection and honestly she has helped me so much. She's always so kind and gentle with me. She listens to me and gives the best advice. I don't deserve someone as utterly wonderful and amazing as she is but regardless I hope to have her in my life forever. I cannot see myself without her now.

Thank you, onee-sama, for everything. You are my light in the dark~

Miku Hatsune eCards
luka megurine, miku hatsune, shoujo ai, vocaloid, yuri
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