Rainbow Dragon (eCard Portfolio) E a s t e R {friendship}

E a s t e R {friendship}

Sailor Venus-Minako Aino: Sailor Moon Crystal

Johan/Jesse Anderson: Yu-Gi-Oh GX

Flowers + Owls pattern

Easter egg border

This is my entry for CowboySean's Easter time! e-card challenge. I honestly was inspired by this Easter wallpaper. It was cute and Easter themed so that's what lead me to make this card.

This card is a crossover featuring two of my favorite characters Minako Aino as Sailor Venus and Johan Anderson. Honestly I was planning on using different characters but these two caught my attention for some reason. It is kind of hard to explain.

I guess Sailor Venus and Johan caught my attention because to me they were so similar in personality. Both are fierce and loyal friends. Johan loves his gem beasts like family and Minako is loyal to Usagi and the other senshi. If Johan and Minako met they would become best friend I think.

Overall this card took about an hour to make. Mostly because it took me awhile to decide what I wanted to do. Originally I was going to do a card featuring Berry from Tokyo Mew Mew and maybe Dark Magician Girl. Maybe I will but anyway I made this using gradients and some patterns, namely the owl pattern which worked great. And of course finding the right quote took awhile to find too. But I found one about friendship which seemed to fit well.

I'm happy with how this card came out. This was a unique and very interesting crossover.

I hope everybody enjoys the card and I hope everybody has a very Happy and Blessed Easter. Love y'all.

Dedicated to 21Emmz12
Cause you're one of my best friends on here and because you're an amazing artist. *hugs*

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Easter time!

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