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I've been in kind of an Alice in Wonderland mood lately. To be honest I have been rewatching Once Upon A Time in Wonderland which is a spin off show of Once Upon A Time. Not only that but I'm really excited for the new Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland movie; Through the Looking Glass. It looks so GOOD. But I digress...

As you can see I ended up making yet another Heart no Kuni no Alice card. I've been wanting to do one for awhile to be honest. Good scans from this series are extremely hard to find, even over at Minitokyo which houses TONS of scans. I digress again.

What I basically did was tried something new by blurring the surrounding area around Alice so she was the focus. It's a good trick if you don't really feel like extracting your character or just want a neat effect. This provided both for me. I enhanced with with only a couple textures. I tried to give it a whimsical look. I really like how it turned out.

The quote in the card is from here. This is one of the best quotes ever from Tim Burton's first Alice In Wonderland Movie. Love Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter. He was perfect.

That being said, I hope everybody enjoys the card. Dedicated to my good mate Snowzi.

Alice in the Country of Hearts eCards
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