Momiji Fangirl Color Me!

ATTENTION ALL PARTICIPANTS!!!! Winners, please tell me your requests. The judging was very hard to decide, because you all did such a great job! I'll be giving out gifts, and please tell me your requests as soon as possible so that I can start working as soon as possible. Thanks everyone!!

So, I'm back again with my 3rd challenge! And this time, it's something I've never seen on theO... a Color Me Contest!

The challenge is simple. All you need to do it color this drawing. So for all you colorers out there, traditional and digital, this challenge is for you!
If you can't get on deviantART, it was requested that I put a theO link here. Okay, so for those of you who can't use dA, here is the other link: [Color Me]

-Must follow rules of theO
-You must color this artwork (alternate link here)
-Do NOT claim you did the lineart, credit me!
-Coloring can be digital or traditional
-DEDICATE YOUR WORK TO ME so I know that you submitted! This is very important!
-Each person can submit up to 2 entries.
-Don't put other participants down!
-And most of all... HAVE FUN!!!

I will be judging you on:
-how well you colored it
-how well the colors go with the picture
-the mood of your coloring
-how neat it is

All participants- A gift
3rd place- An E-card of your choice
2nd place- A lineart or E-card of your choice
1st place- A colored drawing or wallpaper of your choice

You have three whole months, so hopefully I'll get some good entries!

Please consider entering and have fun!!

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