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we all know the saying a picture is worth a thousand words, but have you ever actually tried to make that true????

i want you to choose a song of your choice that has great meaning to it and draw a picture that depicts that meaning. i want to be able to guess what your song is about just by looking at the picture

try avoid dropping clues in the tittle (hard i know, sorry)
no words are to be in the picture at all
and of course keep to site rules

the rest is up to you. i want real quality pieces for this so I'm gonna give you all 2 months
i will be judging on accuracy, aesthetics, and quality

if you supply a link to the lyrics for me to look at and a link to the song on either 4shared or aimini i CAN NOT watch videos so absolutely no youtube or any similar sites

1st= 1gift 1 wallpaper request and 1 dedication
2nd= 1 gift 1 wallpaper dedication
3rd= 1 gift

p.s. if you are wondering "whaaaaa? who is this person and why did she challenge me?????" its because i like some of your work XP

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