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So, I've seen so many different challenges that ask you to design a lolita outfit. And, you know, I love Lolita, and all that, but it can get repetitive just drawing Lolita all the time. There are other fascinating fashions and sub-cultures out there, so your challenge for today is;

Design an outfit that is either Steampunk or Visual Kei!

Now, I don't wanna make it too limited, but I have to have rules, so here goes;
1 Follow the submission guidelines. This is sort of a no-brainer, though... ><
2 MAKE IT EITHER STEAMPUNK OR VISUAL KEI! I cannot stress this enough. The whole point of this challenge is for you to try and design an outfit that is not Lolita, but still of a sub-culture that is big but not widely followed, if you get what I mean.
3 Uhh... It doesn't have to be coloured, but colour would help to see the details of your design.
4 Backgrounds aren't nessecery, but you know, they might be fun!

Everyone who enters will get a pretty medal.
The first place gets a coloured work of their choice by me.
Second gets a lineart of their choice by me.
And third gets a sketch of their choice by me.

Everyone; you have three months, so HAVE FUN~!

(p.s. those who I invited don't have to enter. I just thought you might enjoy the challenge! ^^)

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Visual Kei ~nosheep13
vizual k ~shiroyuuki1
an attempt at steampunk ~ShingetsuHime
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