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Hey guys! This is my first ever contest, so bear with me please.
For those of you who are fimmilar with Vocaloid, you might of hear the catchy song PoPiPo, by Miku Hatsune. This catchy song features repeated movements of moving your self back and forth, like so:
English Ver. (*) Japanese Version (*)
But there has also been the UTAU version (*)

With this, what I am asking is that you make someone dancing the PoPiPo dance!
1. Make it origional! No coping or useing any existing ones, such as a premade PoPiPo picture of Len Kagamine or so.
2. You can use anybody you want. You, your faveroite character, your role model, the most B-A person you know, anyone! Just make sure to say who they are!
3. The picture can be digital art, hand drawn, heck, do it with crayons if you want to! Just make sure I can tell (somewhat) what it is.
4. Did I say no coping already make PoPiPos? Oh, ok. Just making sure.
5. Enter as many times as you fancy.
6. Now here comes the picture-content part:
i. You cn use any model. I'll supply some below.
ii. You can make up your own model and use it (ex. A PoPiPo where the person is kicking someone).
iii. You can have a PoPiPo battle, where there is one doing the origional dance, while the other is doing the UTAU PoPiPo (*)
7. Follow O rules, Ok?

I'll give you 2 months. If you have any questions, comment below or P.M. me.
Best of luck to all!

(*) (*) (*)

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