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Alright, This is a pretty open challenge, but I hope you all will participate!! (my last challenges didn't get many entries, heheh ^///^) All you have to do is draw your favorite anime/manga character in a cool outfit if it's a boy, or a cute outfit if it's a girl! In the description, please say what anime/manga they're from and why they are your fave.

-must be colored
-must be your art
-description needs to contain reason they're your fave character and the anime/manga they are from
-please do your very best
-can be digital (done from scratch, base edit, whatever as long as it's your work) or traditional
-you don't have to dedicate it to me, but I would apreciate it. ^.^
-don't feel obligated to over-detail it, detailed pictures are just as good as simple ones, as long as you have fun making them!!!

Prizes:(no guestbook signs, sry, because my coment boxes haven't been working. -.-)
-1st place: 2 gifts and I will draw chosen character in color (although I don't really know when I'll get to it, but I'll try to do it soon!)
-2nd place: 1 gift and I will draw your chosen character. (In color if i'm not too busy or too lazy ^.^)
-3rd place: 1 gift

please try your best everyone!!! pm me if you have any questions!! you have two months, GANBATTE!!!!!!!!!!!

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