Ametsu the Ninja Master & Student

Sweet, first challenge! AsMentionedBefore helped come up with the idea~

Master & Student

Create a picture portraying the relationship between a master and their student from an already exsisting series. Manga, anime, internet comic, video game, etc

They must be interacting with each other. Not just standing there and looking pretty.

Perhaps Fighting? Being best buddies? Worst enemies? Some form of interacting.

Serious. Comedy. What ever floats your otaku boat.

Examples ;

  • Hiko Seijūrō & Kenshin Himura ( Rurouni Kenshin )
  • Cross Marian & Allen Walker ( D.Gray Man )
  • Jiraiya & Naruto (Naruto)
  • I think you get it. Maybe?
  • Doesn't have to be warrior-based. Although most are.

Include in the description;

  • Who the characters are. Names
  • Who is the Master and who is the Student.

If category doesn't exist, make sure to tell where the characters are from.


  • Follow theOtaku rules!
  • Up to 2 submissions.
  • No nudity
  • Please, keep canons, canon. Ex: no unnecessary romance
  • Tradtional/Digital - Color isn't needed. But enjoyed.
  • Have as much fun possible

Any questions? Please ask!

Everyone loves them.
- 1st place : One colored picture of your choice.
(Don't get your hopes up for a background)
- 2nd place : One lineart picture of your choice.
- 3rd Place : One sketch of your choice.

I assume ONE Month is long enough to get things together!

Be sure to Dedicate the drawing to me!

Can't wait!

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Teito and Frau ~Kated93
Master Vs. Student ~Wakusei Aoshi
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