Draw my little Sister 2!

The Very first challenge I did on here was "Draw my little Sister" where I asked you all to draw a picture of my little sister. And I asked you to do this for her birthday before.

This time I ask you to do the same thing it's just not for her birthday. She's been rather down in the dumps lately and in about 2 months when this challenge ends I'll be returning to my University to continue my classes which I know will make her sad. So I'm asking you all to do this as a cheer up for my little sister since she absolutely loved the drawings of her last time!


* Has to be of my little sister
* Can be Chibi
* Can have Kitty ears or things like that
* MUST be PG
* You can put her in a different outfit then whats in the pics
* Does not have to be colored
* Does not have to have a background
*** Other Questions just ask!

Pictures of her





Info that may help with the drawing

  • Her name is Nicole
  • But everyone calls her Nikki
  • She's 9 years old
  • Wants to be an Artist when she grows up
  • She LOVES cats
  • She's VERY girly
  • Loves dresses and very girly clothes
  • Her favorite colors are Pink, Purple, and Baby Blue
  • She collects Webkinz stuffed animals
  • Likes all things cute
  • Likes the anime One Piece
  • Thinks that anything with a face is alive. (won't even eat chocolate rabbits during easter because they have faces)

My Little sister will of course choose the winners like last time and if you have any questions at all please comment or pm me and I'll be happy to answer them!

Everyone who participates will get a gift and a ribbon!

Thank you very much to those who decide to join the challenge! you have 2 months!

And incase your curious these were the winners of the first Draw my little sister challenge!

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fantasyvocaloid vampireknight97 Blaze023 rikospoon segunda etapa
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Challenge completed
To: Nikki (contest) ~hinatazakuro
let it in ~SayanaChan
For Nikki ~micahu
Hi there friend!

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