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EDIT// Due to lack of entries this contest is going to be re-held. You may either resubmit your entries or make new ones. Sorry for the inconvenience. ^_^'
However, those of you who did manage to submit entries will get bust shots of your OCs(and medals too).
Thank you for understanding.

So while i saw all of these outfits for OCs and stuff in the KH section i began to think...
What would these OCs look like if their outfits got switched around?

And that's what this challenge is about!
Take an OC (yours and/or someone else's(with permission of course)) or a Canon KH character and switch their outfits! Entries can be of one OC/canon character by themselves or in couples or groups. You can enter as many as three separate entries.


1. KH OCs and Canon characters ONLY.
2. No stealing art.
3. All medias accepted.
4. Keep it PG-13 plz.
5. Be nice to other entrants.
6. Canon KH Characters can't have their outfits switched with another Canon character. (So Sora in Riku's outfit is a no-no.)


1st place: Plushie drawing of ANY character/OC of your choice, Gold Medal, and a drawing of your KH OC.
2nd place: Plushie drawing of ANY character/OC of your choice.
3rd place: Plushie drawing of your KH OC(or another OC of yours if you've already gotten a plushie drawing from me).


Challenge ends July 22.
Or i can extend it later if needed. XD;

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Two Graceful Angels ~Sora Hanaki
KH Switch!!!! ~HametsuKuro
The ol' switcharoo ~arabians101
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