twilight samurai Cartoon MASHUPS

All right, for this challenge, I want you to take 2 cartoon shows (can be anime or video games too) and mash 'em together! What do I mean? Take the Simpsons and Street Fighters and combine them somehow.

Still don't know what I'm talking about? Go here for a list of examples (but DO NOT copy them!).

In your description, identify the 2 shows (anime, non-anime, video games, etc.) you used!

Dedicate the picture to me so I can easily keep track of the entries.

You may enter up to 2 entries!

Abide by TheO rules; no nudity, hentai, yaoi, or yuri.

B&W is fine, but you may color as well. Traditional or contemporary media is acceptable.

Prizes are TBD. I'm going to limit it just to 2 (I'm loving the number 2 right now) places, i.e. first place and second place.

You'll have two months (there's that 2 again), so doo your best and have fun! Ask me any questions you may have. :)

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