Narumaniac HEROES UNITE!

Alright! This is my 2nd challenge ever. Let's see how this one goes....

Well, for those of you who don't know the awesome show called "TIGER & BUNNY," super heroes nowadays have awesome costumes!
Some of them may look like robots, some of them may look like classical tights.
So, why not give you/your OC some colored undies and a cool superpower? /:)

Basically, I want you to draw what kind of super hero outfit you/your OC would wear if he/she were to be in Sternbilt!

1. has to be original
2. can be colored or not
3. can be digital or traditional (I like both)
4. can submit as much as you'd like to
5. can have 2 or more characters in one drawing
6. write in the description what super powers you/your OC has!
7. follow TheO guidelines!

1st prize: 1 colored drawing of your fav character + 1 gift
2nd prize: 1 black & white drawing of your fav character + 1 gift
3rd prize: 1 gift

Any questions? Just ask in the comment box. Have fun!

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all bad XD ~Sabriela Hellena
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