Fairytales gone Awry

(Thank you to the ones that entered my last challenge...you guys are awesome! I never expected so many entries!! ^^)

Alright here's my challenge for Halloween.

It should be quite simple.

We all know those happy, cute stories we heard as kids, right? Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Jack and the Beanstalk? Anyone remember?

Well, here's the challenge:

I want you to take one of those stories and change the story of it into something gruesome, a not so happy ending. Like showing Snow White NOT having the Prince come and bring her back to life. Showing her rotting in her coffin, shredded clothes, her skin molding. Try to make it as sick and disgusting and creepy as possible, pretty much.

Got it?


To go by TheO's rules, no nudity.

You can have up to three entries.

It doesn't have to be colored, but I will add extra points for it.

It can be either traditional or digital.

I want you to talk about the way you changed up the story, and why you chose the one you did.

Make sure you dedicate it to me, so I can see it easier.

You can draw it in any way you can, it doesn't have to be realism but anime/manga style if that's what your comfortable with.

And have fun!

1st Place: 2 Cards, 2 gifts
2nd Place: 1 Card, 1 gift
3rd Place: 1 gift

Good luck, and have fun!! Can't wait to see what you guys come up with!! ^^

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