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Ok so um hello there this is my first challenge, this wasn’t really thought through so I’ll probably be adding something to this challenge or maybe I’ll just answer all of your questions ^^
You must create one character that is good and one character that is bad i would like something to tell me the characteristics they have that make them good or bad
I’m looking at how much details you add and how neat it is
If you create an OC then i would like to know his name and other stuff about he/she

Ok so let’s get straight to the point here
You get to draw any character from

  • animes
  • mangas
  • Oc's

Character must be created by you, your original art
I like hand drawing but art drawn on the computer is ok to
Your character can be on the same page or they can be in their own page and they must have a link to get to that image to make it easier to see the images

(hmm im not a great artist but ill try my best)
1st-3 drawings or wallies of choice 4 gifts and a medal
2nd-2 drawings or wallies of choice 3 gifts and a medal
3rd-1 drawing or wallie of choice 2 gift and a medal

well if you guys have any questions ill be happy to answer them
and i hope you do understand my challenge ^^
oh and u get unlimited entries but remember to link them together

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Pain ~Blaze023
black servant ~darteen
Evilfairy ~yue rhu
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