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(Oh my goodness, I've had this sitting in my drafts folder on email for, like, a year and a half..I had to go through and fix SO MUCH STUFF.) Hey all! So this is my first challenge. It's somewhat of a strange idea, so please bear with me, and if it seems extremely abstract, feel free to throw me a question. Okay, so perhaps you've experienced one of those moments where something extremely hysterically funny happened, but it was maybe a situation that wouldn't be funny to the person it happened to, or a time it would've been bad to be laughing(like during communion at church-long story),and you just KNEW you weren't supposed to laugh, but you couldn't help yourself(i think that wasn't a question..?). So the basic gist of this contest is:Draw a time where it would be extremely inappropriate or insulting to be laughing, but it was so hilarious that you couldn't help yourself. Draw it with a yonkoma/stand alone manga or with a picture that says a thousand words! Something's ringing a bell... you're contemplating a time when this happened..yes..it's forming in your mind's eye....maybe not. So yes. You can draw from life or just make it up, it's up to you!
Here are a few examples:
Laughing because you just got a joke you heard a week ago.
Laughing during a REALLY solemn moment.
Laughing because your Grandfather just spilled soda all over your Grandmother, and he screamed "WOAAAH!" before he fell, and it was funny, but you can't laugh at that. You just can't, trust me. Because your Grandmother DOESN'T think it's funny. LOL, long story.
Something along those lines.
So here's the rules:

No bad language, dirtiness, ect. I want things on a PG level here, people. Thank you for understanding.

And right about now, everyone's thinking, "Ponyo, WAIT!! What about prizes?" We MUST have prizes." ..What, the joy of participation doesn't please you people? Okay.
FIRST place: 300 Ponyo Points.
SECOND place: 200 Ponyo points.
THIRD place: 100 Ponyo points!
What are Ponyo points? I'm not really sure. Bragging rights? The joy of participation....in a tangible form. Yeah, I seriously don't know. Until further notice, though, they will be the prize! So good luck! I know you will all do awesome. Let me know if you have any questions.

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Run! Run! For Live! or Dead...(-_-") ~AndrewMangaka021
Holding your laughter in Class ~TheAnimator
Farcebook ~Sabriela Hellena
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