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It's another Kingdom Hearts challenge! Like my last one, it can be all Disney, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, even The World Ends With You or a mixture. It could be an actual scene from the game/manga/light novel or a made up scene like with your oc or something. I'm not trying to restrict you.

The break down:
It can be color or not, doesn't matter.
You may submit as much as you want.
You must have an explanation of what the scene is about and why it's your favorite in the description.
Please dedicate it to me so I can find better.
You have three months, no need to rush.
It's more effort than it is quality to win. It will also depend on your description so please don't lack that.
It's only in the KH category because it's a crossover that incorporates all of what I mentioned in the beginning but you do not have to publish your submission in the same category.

Winners: All get one colored art piece of your specification which you must inform me within a month or I will randomly give out something. Prizes will come at varied time.

Simple enough? I would give an example but I love too many scenes to pick and I don't normally pick favorites. When I chose one for an example I will post it up in my profile.

Edit: Whoot it's finally over... with only 2 entries and one of them being technically invalid. That was sooo hard to decide. Congratulations Dragon Anime for winning and tell me what you'd like for a prize. Thanks to every for participating or intended to but didn't have the time for it.

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