infinatelove42 YOU INSPIRE ME!!!

i actually wanted this to be a spring challenge because it seems sort of spring-y to me
but i heard about the challenge slam! and i just had to do it !!
ready for it ... okay lets GO !!!
so recently i have been told that
i inspired someone to be an artist just like me
Has that EVER happened to you?!

So i say that we should give a BIG thank you to the person who inspires you !!!!!
Draw their Ocs !!!
Give them a big hugg!!!
Draw in their style!!!
What ever gives you that inspiration do it!!!
it doesn't have to be a member from theO it could be your little sis or Big bro
or a member from other site but if this is the case i would like you to dedicate it to me
so that i can keep track other than that your free to dedicate it to whomever you want !!!


  • You have to Dedicate the artwork to the person who inspires you !!!
    This isn't about me but if i inspire you can go ahead and dedicate it to me ^-~

  • must stay in theO rules sorry... i would get fired from a canon if i allowed that
  • give a little description as to why they inspire you its always good to know why!!!
    no simple answer such as Because I Like IT!!! cause thats not really saying much

  • read the rules haha...
  • Have funn !!!

    Since this Challenge is about the person who inspires you there wont really be much of a prize
    but i promise you will get something in return!!!

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Little Birdie ~Katana
Face Forwards ~Aoz0ra
Tim and Rick ~Wakusei Aoshi
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