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So here's another challenge! YAY. lol. So here's what it is. My challenge is to draw an anime or manga character or video game/ oc protagonist as an antagonist. So like the hero drawn as the villian. Basically, for example, Ichigo as Aizen/Kageroza/Tsukishima. Stuff like that. You have to draw them in the same outfit so we can tell who they are supposed to be. You can change colors on the outfit or alter certain things if you want. Hair colors can be changed or kept the same but most people will be unrecognizable with another hair color. I hope I'm making myself clear. You can always comment with questions. Below please put the character name, what anime they are from, and what villain they are dressed as. The villians and heros have to be from the same show. It can be colored but it doesn't have to. I'd prefer coloring but if you're better at line art that's fine.

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Link the King of Thieves ~MangaKid
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