VillageIdiot Draw my OC Rachel

Been a while since I made a challenge on here but yeah, I'm surprised I have 93 subscribers on here xD; Anyways. I just want more fanart of one of my OCs and I'm too lazy and don't have enough time to do art trades with EVERYONE so yeah. 8D










That should be enough, hoepfully xD;

Some info about Rachel (no chosen last name :'D)-She's around 13-14, I suppose. Generally friendly, shy around new people, in love with Robin, another one of my OCs. (sorry I never really developed my OCs' personalities that much, I just prefer drawing them and designing outfits or whatever. She has a split/multiple personality in one of the stories I came up with for her but I'm not really gonna get into that.)

You can draw her in whatever outfit you want (though she always has her hairband on), be creative or draw your favorite style of clothing :'D (I prefer girly dresses but it's fine if you draw her in tomboy-ish clothes as well, and I'm not too fond of the color yellow but a little bit of it or it in pastel mixed with other color schemes would be fine) [also if you have a DA, link it to me and I'll fave that version as well if you also upload it there.]

If you have any other questions, ask me. Thank you to those who plan to/are interested in entering. :'D Sorry for the wall of text. Prize announcing time!

Answered question-"Does it have to be colored?" No, linearts are fine :)


First place-Full body picture of your OC or favorite character from a series

Full body Example (I'll try to draw the feet/shoes if you want me to :'D)

Second place-Chibi in my regular anime/manga style or my cartoony style

Style 1

Style 2

Third place-Chibi in my newer style (it's not that different but it's quicker)

Cartoony Chibi Example

Duration is set to 3 months, have fun~ (man I wish there was a preview button to make sure all the links work alright and everything looks ok xD Ok, submitting now before I add on too much more writing or my laptop randomly crashing and forcing me to rewrite this again xD; :'D)

EDIT: Finished, wish I could pick you all but only 3 winners allowed so I'll PM you all later and ask what you'd like me to draw for you~ <3

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