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the challenge has ended, it was hard to decide the winners but i did my best. please pm me with your prize requests and congratulations
ok, i just got promoted to i decided to make my first challenge hopefully it won't suck.
Any way i decided to make a challenge about CLAMP (since they are one of my favorite mangaka)

The Challenge


  • Draw a fanart of your favorite CLAMP character.
  • Draw a group of your favorite CLAMP characters.
  • or Draw an OC in CLAMP's style.

i hope i gave a wide enough range of choices to keep this interesting.


  • Follow theO's rules. (as usual)
  • You are allowed as many entries as you want.
  • Colored or not they are both accepted
  • edit: NO YAOI OR YURI! i know i should have said that from the beginning but i really didn't think of it

that's pretty much it, if you have any questions don't hesitate to comment.
oh and since I don't expect this to be very popular I'll give it a month.

If you need me to/ think i should extend the deadline please comment or send me a pm


like i said I'm new to this so i forgot to write about the prizes:

  • 3rd place: lineart/sketch of choice
  • 2nd place: shaded drawing of choice
  • 1st place: any of the previous 2 prizes, or a colored drawing of choice.
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Fai D. Flowright^^ ~nataku00
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