vampireBride Who's the next Alice?

Second challenge everybody! Hopefully you'll like it!


Create your own Alice to journey into the mad Wonderland and you will be the one to decides it faith. Simple right? (I know this song is 3 years old, but I like it) it's entitled Alice of Human Sacrifice (Vocaloid song)

Sample:4th Alice sample, Not colored


1. ENJOY! it's wonderland, be creative and imaginative as you can be!
2. Traditional or not is okay
3. You can use the colors Blue, red, green and yellow (But keep in mind Originality gains extra points)
4. Original anime or OC's are welcome to the mad wonderland
5. It must have an original storyline or short description.

I will be judging based on...

1. Creativeness and originality
2. Storyline
3. ...hmm...umm... EVERYTHING! (the way you enjoyed creating you alice lol)

Those who will join will receive gifts, as a token for joining this challenge

1st: 2 wallie (request) , 1 sketched -colored if wanted-, 1 Ecard and a Pretty shiny medal from wonderland
2nd: 1 wallie (request), 1 Ecard and a Pretty shiny medal from wonderland
3rd: 1 Ecard and a Pretty shiny medal from wonderland

:waaahhh! i'm so forgetful You can have unlimited entries and you can dedicate it to me *if you want

GOODLUCK! 2 months to go everybody! Before another Alice wonders to Wonderland!

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