omnia1 Easy Peasy Challenge :D!!! <3

So I have this drawing... Her name is called Duchess Maryana... *Looks around her Folio and pulls out the picture in concern*

Here she is ^_^... Sorry about the Link... u get the jist though right :D... anyway... my first challenge ever on theO here, and I'm kind of nervous so...

I hope you like this and decide to join... it would be kool for my First challenge to be a HIT of a challenge lmao XD

Ok so the main idea of this Challenge is to Colour in My Duchess Maryana... She should be fun because of all the detail in her... the catch... try and keep all the detail showing through the colouring XD... yeah that should be fun for you all :D...

You have 2 month's to do this in.

Please dedicate all challenge entries to me aswell as posting on The challenge itself... it helps me to see them easier. Thankyou for your co-opperaration ^_^


  • Follow theO rules
  • One Entry to each contestant please
  • Try and keep the colouring neat... thats what the challenge will be judged on... that and creativity
  • You may put in a background, if you so wish it
  • You can colour it by photoshop or free hand... I'm happy with either ^_^


3rd PrizeA Sketch Drawing of a chibi character or oc of your preference
2nd PrizeA coloured drawing of a Chibi Character or oc of your preference
1st PrizeA coloured Drawing with Background of a Chibi character or oc of your preference

Hope you enjoy... and have fun ^_^... see you in 2 months then ^_^

If you have any Queries about the challenge, please comment in the comment box or in pm thanku ^_^

Caoi for now!!! :D


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