FallenAngel 01 OC's

So this challenge is really just to draw any of the OC's I have currently put on here ^^
(yes I know I just ended another challenge but 3 months is a lot, no?)

Anyway, so you guys have 3 months to just draw my characters!

-Do not steal! Give credit where credit is due!
-You can draw my characters however you wish :3 Just keep it PG13 >.>
-How are allowed to alter their outfits or color of outfit, even hair, just please, nothing to drastic and if you unsure just ask, I'm happy to help :3
-theOtaku rules come first!
-My characters have to be in the drawing
-If you change anything then specify what you changed!
-Unlimited entires! More the merrier!
-If you have a question ask me! Don't be afraid
-(New) You can draw any of my OC's
-(New) You can draw as many as you like in one picture
-(New) You can draw your character or even an existing character with mine
-(New) You can gender-bend them

And thats all!
Prizes will be decided!


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seoulandheart zxJohnFanime91xz indie rokkers MultiArae DNArtiste iamEssence KyanChan Dragon Anime omnia1 Kaagemusha mangaka16
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FallenAngel01's Hiaro ~Ametsu the Ninja
Prince Shiroi ~MultiArae
Kiary and Meowwy ~Kaagemusha
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